FBT High Partition w Monitor w Students

FBT Series of Fold and Roll Booths Launch

September 12, 2023 | Blog

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our FBT Series of fold & roll booths. Developed in collaboration with award-winning designer Bruce Fifield, of Studio Fifield, Milan, Italy, the FBT series was created to meet demand for unique, versatile furnishing alternatives for learning, dining and collaborative spaces.

Yesterday’s seated folding table designs have their place, but not when it comes to the flexibility and truly effective pedagogy and communication today’s educational and workplace applications require. Rapid mobility, digital learning aids, and onboard power and charging connections for hand-held devices are no longer niceties, but must-haves. That’s why we developed the FBT Series.

Upon the launch, Jim Connell, President of BioFit, shared: “The FBT series of fold & roll booths represents a transformative solution to the need for flexible furniture alternatives in fast-paced, ever-changing educational spaces. Working closely with Studio Fifield and after conducting focus groups with real-world specifiers, we took an entirely different approach to addressing the challenges facing educators to rapidly transform spaces while enhancing user interaction. Our criteria included delivering versatility for multiple settings and uses ‒ such as classrooms, cafeterias and other collaborative spaces ‒ as well as distance learning. Marked by advanced performance and an inspirational creative aesthetic, the resulting series of seven booth configurations exceeds these objectives.”

The FBT series is made up of seven booths each consisting of a primary table surface, two benches with backs, a privacy partition, a steel frame and industrial grade locking casters. Individual configurations include four with low partitions to facilitate oversight of users, an overview of space, increased seating or training opportunities and interaction with occupants in the surrounding area. Specific low-partition models also include a “lift & lock” leaf option designed to meets the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements or a standard desk-height “lift & lock” deployable leaf. Three high-partition configurations providing added privacy are also available, including one model which accommodates monitors up to 32-inches for use with digital education aids or for hybrid learning. This model as well as other low- and high-partition models also offer onboard power connections for device charging and use of other electronics.

The FBT series of fold & roll booths efficiently nest together for high density storage and are customizable with numerous options for laminate colors and logo imprinting. Like every BioFit table, FBT series booths are made in the U.S.A. All current configurations are patent-pending, and additional models are planned.

Explore each configuration here, then get in touch with us to discover how the FBT series of fold & roll booths can transform your learning or collaborative space.