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Lunchroom and Cafeteria Tables

From the unique, non-traditional table top profiles of our EdgeScape™ mobile folding table line to the patented adjustable torsion cap table lift-assist component, BioFit is reshaping the thinking and expectations of decision makers in today’s top learning institutions.

We offer a comprehensive line of ergonomic chairs, stools and specialty products to meet the needs of a variety of work and learning environments. And, if you need chairs fast, take advantage of the BioFit quick-ship program. With our next-day ship (NDS) and 2-day ship (2DS) options, you can order limited quantities of models from our most popular series and your order will ship withi...


Avant Designer Series Cafeteria Tables

This table’s shape encourages interaction and conversation.

10-Seat Oval Tables

The design of BioFit’s patented 10-Seat Oval Table reduces noise, aids communication and improves space utilization. 

Rectangular Tables

BioFit Tables are designed for everyone from young children to adults and help you better meet individuals’ needs. 



This convertible bench/table system is ideal for settings from training and testing facilities to auditoriums, gymnasiums and food courts.