Laboratories, libraries, cafeterias and more; we design chairs, tables and book trucks for K-12 and collegiate learning environments.

From lunchrooms to laboratories, if you specify for or work in today’s learning environment, you realize how vital furniture design is to effective education. As K-12 and higher education spaces continue to evolve, shared emphasis on furnishing requirements include flexibility, mobility and the wellbeing of students.

Chairs and Stools for Schools

Durable seating that resists water, chemicals, and paint, makes these model lines popular choices in education.

Folding Mobile and Cafeteria Tables

Designed for comfort, mobility, and easy storage the BioFit folding mobile cafeteria tables are perfect for your lunchroom.


Fold and Roll Booths for Education

The FBT Series Fold and Roll Booth complements the latest K-16 dining, library and learning space design trends by offering flexible multi-use options promoting optimal use of a space.

Carts and Book Trucks

All-steel welded, with non-marring rubber wheels, in an array of sizes and colors.