Discover BioFit products recommended for your environment. Manufactured in the US and backed by a 13-year standard warranty and expert customer support, all BioFit products are built to last. 

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Laboratories, libraries, cafeterias and more; we design chairs, tables and book trucks for K-12 and collegiate learning environments.

Industrial Seating


Whether it's highly technical or down and dirty, we make seating and carts for workspaces including cleanroom and ESD applications.

Laboratory Chairs and Stools


Our ergonomic chairs and stools address comfort, user range of motion and infection control to keep science pros performing at their best.

Technical Seating for ISO Cleanrooms and Static Controlled environments

ISO / Clean Room and ESD Seating

Our ISO 3 to ISO 8 rated cleanroom and ESD models meet rigid particulate and static control standards, including ANSI/ESD STM 12.1.

Healthcare and Exam Room Seating


Easy adjustability and cleanability make our seating the choice of caregivers in clinical, exam, emergency, and other medical settings.

Ergonomic Office Seating


Ergonomic functionality, comfort, and style deliver a seating experience to keep you performing at elevated levels at work or home office.