Whether it's highly technical or down and dirty, we make seating and carts for workspaces including cleanroom and ESD applications.

Ergonomic Seating for the Production Floor, Plant, Refinery and Mill. The Industrial BioFit line provides products that are perfect for improving productivity, safety, and stability in various industrial workspaces.

Regardless if you work in a textile mill, power plant, automotive factory or other industrial facility, the common characteristics of the tools you use for the job are reliability, toughness and ease of use. BioFit chairs for industrial environments carry these traits and more, including ergonomic functionality and performance to help keep you comfortable and productive while also helping to prevent repetitive motion injuries. We offer chairs, stools and sit stands for assembly and production area use, as well as for laboratories, offices and administrative areas. As a manufacturer with over 75 years’ experience building chairs, stools and accessories for a variety of workspaces, we understand the importance properly designed adjustable seating can have on the job – and the positive impact it can have on you, your coworkers and your company’s bottom line.

Durable and Comfortable Chairs and Stools for Industrial Settings

With roots in the ergonomic seating industry stretching back over 75 years, we’re a leading innovator in seating for the specialized workspaces such as those found in today’s industrial facilities and relied on by today’s workers, including those who sit for the majority of a shift or whose jobs require unique motion or working positions. Plus, nearly all BioFit seating products are backed by a 13-year warranty, helping your business get the most from its budget.

Seating that Stands Up to Harsh Workspaces

Despite the pristine image of continual automation and other modern advances, it seems some workplaces will always create their fair share of dust, dirt or debris, or spills of paints, petroleum or other fluids. You may work in such an environment, where a comfortable, rugged and easy-to-clean chair can be the most important tool you use. BioFit offers models that resist water, paint, grime and many chemicals, and even self-seal from punctures made by that screwdriver you keep leaving in your back pocket. Our industrial models are easy to wipe down and maintain, providing reliable service, 24/7/365, whether your workplace is clean or not.

Versatile Chairs for Multiple Industrial Settings

In today’s workplace, flexibility is paramount. Your primary responsibilities could involve picking up a sample product mix from the production area, then sitting at a lab bench to conduct spot analysis on the sample, moving to another station to collaborate with the production lead, and then transitioning to your desk to knock out a product report − all using the same chair. That’s why in addition to being tough, our industrial seating can accommodate various seat heights and tasks, and features ergonomic functionality, components in a range of sizes, options like adjustable footrings and arms, and casters that resist movement when you get up to help keep your chair from rolling away.

Seating for When You Can’t Really Sit Down on the Job

Your job may require you to stand for extended periods of time, putting prolonged stress on your lower extremities. BioFit sit/stands provide a solution, alleviating stress on the legs and feet by up to 60 percent. They come in a variety of adjustable height ranges, feature rugged construction, and one model even has a swiveling seat with fingertip control in case your job requires quick lateral movement, or, if you frequently switch work areas or must use different height surfaces.

Industrial Chairs with Benefits Built-in

Often, some of the best features of a piece of equipment are those you can’t see. BioFit industrial chairs are no different. For instance, the seats and backrests of one of our most popular industrial seating series have antimicrobial properties and UV inhibitors, helping keep the workplace healthier and the chair maintain its integrity over the long term. And, like nearly all our products, our industrial seating is backed by a 13-year warranty, with a lifetime warranty on gas seat height pneumatic cylinders.

Iconic Industrial Design for Traditional Tasks and More

Sometimes in your mind’s eye, a piece of furniture just looks like it belongs. That’s the case with our all-steel, industrial stool series. With a variety of adjustable and fixed-leg models to choose, these classic stools feature durable all-welded construction and standard black powder-coat paint finish for use in factories, shops, garages and vocational settings.

Chairs and Stools for the Carpeted Side of the Plant

If you’re an industrial facility manager or work in the administrative side of the business, BioFit has you covered with many ergonomic seating series are created to fit your needs. Our office models feature lumbar-supporting backrests, roomy and comfortable seats, multiple easy-to-use adjustments and other standard and optional components, designed to help optimize your productivity throughout the workday. Each model is engineered with the same proven performance and reliability we manufacture for your coworkers in operations.