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BioFit MVMT Pro MP-1-TB-P28-M-RC-PM-AFP-3D-6-AV126(SMO58)


At the forefront of ergonomic seating, BioFit’s focus every day is to improve the workplace experience through ergonomic performance, comfort, style and reliability.

BioFit Aramis RXC-M-CRC-FA-XF-XA-06


BioFit stools feature the same proven ergonomic performance and reliability as our chairs and are available for a wide range of work environments.


Provides convenient torso and hip support for workers who must stand for prolonged periods. Welded steel base for use in demanding industrial environments.

BioFit 12E212229C


BioFit mobile folding cafeteria and lunchroom tables are designed to positively impact the learning experience and bottom line of schools and lunchroom environments.


Folding Booths

The FBT Series Fold & Roll Booth is a versatile and customizable furnishing solution for educational environments that emphasizes flexibility, mobility, and ease of use.


BioFit multipurpose carts and book trucks are designed for transporting materials in a variety of work and educational spaces.

BioFit Intensive Plus FS-1


Adjustable footrests provide all-day comfort.