Products by Type

Products by Type

BioFit MVMT Pro MP-1-TB-P28-M-RC-PM-AFP-3D-6-AV126(SMO58)


At the forefront of ergonomic seating, BioFit’s focus every day is to improve the workplace experience through ergonomic performance, comfort, style and reliability.

BioFit Aramis RXC-M-CRC-FA-XF-XA-06


BioFit stools feature the same proven ergonomic performance and reliability as our chairs and are available for a wide range of work environments.

BioFit 12E212229C


BioFit cafeteria tables are available in a variety of shapes and sizes – including non-traditional and geometric shapes as well as ADA configurations – to accommodate students from K-12 and beyond.


BioFit multipurpose carts and book trucks are designed for transporting materials in a variety of work and educational spaces.