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What is an “Internal Seat Board Bumper Guard” Anyway??

July 14, 2022 | Blog

At BioFit, we learned long ago that details, visible or not, are the difference between a precision engineered, finely crafted chair designed for long-term commercial use, and competitive products constructed of lesser materials or lacking similar features altogether.

Like the internal organs of living beings, our upholstered ergonomic chairs and stools include several components imperceptible to users but vital to their performance and of the furniture itself. Knowing what to look for ‒ or to ask your dealer or sales rep ‒ even if you can’t see it ‒ is key to choosing a product that’s going to help enhance user well-being and productivity and get the most from your budget.

In addition to obvious highlights such as control functions and adjustments of arms and footrings, upholstery grades and ratings, metal finishes and safety-promoting resistance casters, hidden features of specific BioFit upholstered seating products include:

  • Seat and back cushioning made from molded foam vs. cut foam to deliver trustworthy performance and a well-defined aesthetic over the long term
  • Internal seat board bumper guards ‒“defensive” components that not only make seats more comfortable, but provide a fuller profile while protecting seat edges from damage when they inevitably bump into surrounding furniture
  • Our exclusive pneumatic wiper seal, which protects the seating height-adjustment pneumatic assemblies from contaminant penetration and assures only the minimum amount of lubricant required for proper functionality is applied to the piston rod on each seat height adjustment, bolstering pneumatic assembly reliability and contributing to smooth and seamless height-adjustment functionality over the life of the chair

So what you don’t see truly does matter. And while an alluring style may help attract and retain top talent to an organization, the heart of the chair plays a significant role in helping keep them comfortable and performing at their best while protecting your investment for years to come. Contact your BioFit rep or dealer to learn more.