Seating Pneumatic Wiper Seal

April 12, 2022 | Blog

BioFit offers two extensive lines of ergonomic technical seating with units that can be configured for use in many applications and environments, including conditions that expose specific models to varying levels of particulates, dust, dirt and humidity. To inhibit these potentially damaging contaminants and moisture from entering the seat-height-adjustment pneumatic cylinder assembly while also optimizing lubrication of the assembly piston rod, all BioFit seating now features wiper seals fitted on the external side of the cylinder tube.

Pneumatic wiper seals maintain sealing contact to the pneumatic assembly piston rod when the chair is not in use or when the seat height is not being adjusted (i.e., when the piston rod of the pneumatic assembly is stationary). And, when the chair is in use or when the seat height is being adjusted ‒ when the assembly piston rod is in motion. By protecting the seating pneumatic assemblies from contaminant penetration and assuring only the minimum amount of lubricant required for proper functionality is applied to the piston rod on each seat height adjustment, wiper seals enhance pneumatic assembly reliability, contributing to smooth and seamless height-adjustment functionality over the life of the chair.

According to John DeVriendt, BioFit Director of Operations, the official announcement of pneumatic wiper seal availability across the company’s seating lines completes a nearly two-year process: “In 2020, we started introducing pneumatics of various adjustment heights and metal finishes with wiper seals. Even though these components weren’t difficult to integrate once we approved the initial design, we had an inventory of our most popular pneumatic assembly sizes to exhaust before we could completely introduce it on all models in both our MVMT® and Foundation seating lines. Today, we’re excited to offer this feature as it provides an even higher degree of dependability, performance and quality to our seating.” Of note, BioFit seat-height assembly pneumatics already carried a lifetime warranty.

Contact us to learn more about our pneumatic wiper seal and how other parts and construction techniques frequently overlooked by specifiers and end users play a big role in our product quaility and reliability.