About BioFit

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Dedicated to Design. Committed to Quality. At BioFit, that’s more than a tagline – it’s been our focus every day for over 70 years, consistently leading to the improvement of the workplace experience through innovation, ergonomic performance and style.

That dedication and commitment is more evident today than ever. We’ve leveraged decades of experience and partnered with some of the world’s top designers, culminating in the recent introduction of our next-generation seating models: MVMT and Neon.

Winner of the 2014 Best of NeoCon Innovation Award and other prominent industry recognition, MVMT was collaboratively developed by BioFit and Studio Fifield of Milan, Italy. The result is a chair that is revolutionizing the seated worker experience while positively impacting corporate image. It addresses task-specific user range of motion, combining an edgy European aesthetic with the BioFit tradition of technological precision and reliability.

Neon bridges the exacting specification requirements of the most high tech facilities with the comfort and performance expectations of users. Designed for today’s workplaces – and today’s workers – Neon is the newest and flagship model of the bimos by BioFit Collection, a joint endeavor between two of the world’s leading ergonomic seating manufacturers – bimos and BioFit.

Combined with our versatile Foundation seating line, the MVMT and bimos by BioFit series provide a comprehensive, ergonomic and earth-friendly solution for leaders in the healthcare, technology, laboratory, education, industrial and office markets.

Our design dedication, quality commitment and passion for innovation extend beyond the seating arena and can be found in all of our other product offerings and aspects of our organization. Like our seating, all BioFit mobile folding tables, carts and accessories are created with the following considerations in mind:

Use – comfortable, intuitive and highly functional to help keep workers performing at their best

Durability – most products are backed by a 13-year warranty – one of the best in the business

Appeal – styled to complement interior trends, enhance corporate image and attract top talent

Bottom line – craftsmanship and proven performance saves money and looks good doing so

Readily available service and support – global network of over 1,200 independent distributors and unparalleled customer support