Meeting the Urgent Need for Specialized Laboratory and Technical Seating

Meeting the Urgent Need for Specialized Seating

December 09, 2020 | Blog

For anyone outfitting a cleanroom or static-sensitive work area, purchasing proper seating at a local office supply or warehouse store is not an option, regardless of the level of urgency. Chairs and stools used in these spaces are designed and constructed to not only meet rigid industry specs for controlled environments, but to deliver the ergonomic functionality required to accommodate the unique task-specific motions of the professionals who use them. Due to this precision engineering behind this seating, the lead time of most manufacturers is several weeks at best, and normally, it isn’t readily available “off the shelf.”

But These Aren’t Normal Times

Even before the advent of the new normal posed by COVID-19, though, BioFit realized the logic and sense of urgency of providing a line of select seating models to meet demand of dynamic scientific, research and manufacturing organizations. Rapid ramp-ups are nothing new to these markets ‒ that’s why we established our Quick Ship program so many years ago. And now, we continue to support rapid organizational changes with an array of cleanroom, ESD and combination chairs and stools from our most popular and proven seating series ‒ with specific models shipping Next Day (NDS) or within 2 days (2DS) of order receipt.*

Get the Chairs You Need Now

Contact your BioFit rep to learn more and arrange for a workplace sample or build a model that suits your needs and get an estimate using our chair builder application (includes Quick Ship and standard ship models – confer with your BioFit rep for details or assistance).

* See terms and conditions.