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Iconic Design in the Industrial Workplace

July 17, 2021 | Blog

From custom skateboard studios to tool and die shops. The settings may vary, but when the right seating is in place, everything else just seems to fall into place. Although designs have continued to evolve and become more ergonomically sound over time, the things that make some favorites over others are pretty timeless. For starters, it’s got to be comfortable, intuitive and durable. And it’s got to look good alone or among others of the same stripe in a given environment.

The model that makes the mold.

At BioFit, we see it as a simple formula, developed over the course of 75 years in business. One that’s apparently easy enough to replicate, especially by competitors who have taken after our quality-constructed classics. But a lot harder to duplicate. The materials, fabrics, controls, manufacturing, and assembly processes used by others may share similarities, but they are never the same.

That’s evident from the moment you sit down, confirming there’s more to the right chair or stool than meets the eye.

Our Ajax steel stool series is one example of a product that’s become iconic in the industrial market and far beyond, meeting the demands of today’s workplaces with style in form and simplicity in function.

Innovation that elevates. Throughout BioFit’s history, our commitment to perfecting “the science of seating” has led us to make some exceptional breakthroughs in user control, comfort, and convenience. Some you can see. Others you can feel. But all of them contribute to a family of seating products that look sharper, perform better, and last longer than any other chairs on the market.

Learn more about our industrial seating. Nearly all models are warranted against mechanical or structural failure due to defective materials or workmanship for 13 years of normal use. And better still, they comply with industry product safety and performance standards and are LEED-compliant.