MVMT Chair with ISO and ESD authority logos

BioFit for Cleanroom and ESD Environments: Seating that Meets Every Standard

April 27, 2022 | Blog

The right chair for the job rarely means just any chair. It’s something that’s especially true of cleanroom and ESD-sensitive environments, where contaminants like loose particles and static electricity, can have real consequences on people and products. So, it only stands to reason that choosing seating specifically for the purpose should be standard practice.

The science behind the construction is where it starts.

At BioFit, our precision-designed and performance-tested chairs are true products of their environment. Each is manufactured to provide the ideal combination of form and function, offering features that include 5-star bases for stability, a range of seat height ranges for desk-, bench- and standing-height work, footrings or rests on bench-height models, and control functions, including height, tilt, seat and backrest adjustments.

Better from the ground up

BioFit-built cleanroom and ESD chairs offer the same ergonomic features as their office-use counterparts, only featuring key components and design processes to minimize particle generation and inadvertent transfer of electricity. Common drawbacks of the latter include unfiltered air expelled from seats and backs, particle rub-off from painted and powder-coated surfaces, and shedding from upholstery, as well as off-gassing from various components and casters. 

On higher classifications of BioFit cleanroom seating, all metal parts—including controls—are chrome- or zinc-plated to inhibit particles associated with painted finishes from flaking off chairs while in use. Pneumatic cylinders within the chairs are covered for their functional lifetime and come with internal rubber protective gaskets that constrain the release of particles or gas into the surrounding work environment.

Taking quality to task

Today’s ESD seating not only addresses the specifics of the work environment in which it will be used, but also the ergonomic needs of users. Lumbar support, waterfall seat fronts, and other ergonomic features all factor-in to the equation. Many models feature a fully encased backrest. Vinyl upholstery covers the front and back, and a polypropylene rear panel protects against compromise or potential damage.

For decades, electrostatic-sensitive areas in semiconductor processing facilities, munitions factories, and electronics manufacturing have been ground zero for ESD seating. At BioFit, we build our products using proprietary components and drag cables proven to dissipate charges through the back, seat, base, and pneumatic controls, as well as through the casters and/or glides touching flooring surfaces.

Good, better, BioFit

BioFit cleanroom and ESD seating products are warranted against mechanical or structural failure due to defective materials or workmanship for 13 years of normal use. Better yet, they comply with industry product safety and performance standards and are LEED compliant.

Perhaps even more importantly, we offer customized planning assistance to help facility managers meet ESD-protected area quality assurance standards mandated by the EPA, as well as other requirements to facilitate ESD control programs in accordance with American National Standards Institute (ANSI)/ESD S20.20 guidelines.

See our critical performance products for more details on how BioFit provides distinct competitive advantages from the ground up.