Our ergonomic chairs and stools address comfort, user range of motion and infection control to keep science pros performing at their best.

Ergonomic Seating for Science Professionals

Positive performance. Positive results. The two are intrinsically tied in the laboratory – from your physical wellbeing to the equipment you use, including your chair. That’s why BioFit offers a comprehensive selection of seating for use in multiple laboratory types. We’ve long realized that lab professionals have many different ergonomic needs compared to office and other workers to accomplish tasks such as pipetting and microscopy. Through extensive research, prototyping and interaction with scientists and technicians who use these facilities, we’ve developed advanced performance seating models with innovative features and functionality to help keep you comfortable and performing at a high level throughout the workday.

Proven Performance in Multiple Disciplines

With a wide variety of models to fit unique applications and budgets, BioFit laboratory seating is a popular choice of specifiers for many laboratory types and disciplines, including:
  • Bioscience
  • Chemistry
  • Clinical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Research & Development

Chairs Engineered Specifically for Lab Workers and Applications

BioFit laboratory seating is designed and constructed to address the challenges you face with lab-inherent ergonomics and postures, such as the flexibility to work at various surface heights and the prevalence of forward-leaning positions. We offer models with numerous ergonomic adjustments, comfortable and easy-to-maintain components and long-term, multishift reliability. Our top performance model featuring:
  • Automatic synchronous tilt – adjusts the leaning tension based on the user’s weight; precludes readjusting for chairs shared among different users or shifts
  • Micro tension adjustment to accommodate how various users carry their weight
  • A 2.5” seat slide range to accommodate user leg length
  • Forward seat tilt to provide lumbar relief in forward-leaning positions; also relieves pressure behind the legs without creating a dramatic slope, making it ideal for forward leaning tasks
  • Backrest height adjustment to quickly and quietly position backrest into lumbar area for maximum support
  • Backrest forward adjustment counters the issue of users losing contact with the backrest as they lean forward and independently allows for even greater control of backrest placement
  • Pneumatic gas-lift height adjustment accommodates for use at traditional desktop, standard bench or high bench heights as well as standing work heights, and many heights in between (depending on the seat height selected when ordering)
  • Control lock out – when work is so precise that the slightest motion could spell disaster, this control gives you the power to lock down your adjustable features, including three different reclining positions
  • Multifunctional armrests with height, depth and width adjustments which can be locked to support manual tasks
  • Adjustable-height foot ring slides easily, holds positively and stays put, providing support at higher working heights
  • Ease of use – Intuitive controls, with model-specific operational videos readily available by scanning the under-seat QR code label
  • Bases designed for stability, even at high seat heights
  • Resistance casters so your chair resists movement when unoccupied to prevent it from inadvertently rolling away

Lab Seating Models for Nearly Any Floor Plan and Budget

In addition to our premium line, we offer multiple ergonomic models designed to for today’s labs. They come standard without arms to facilitate user lateral motion and unencumbered chair positioning under benches. Upholstered and hard models are available, and all are easy to use and clean, and are backed by BioFit’s 13-year warranty.