Easy adjustability and cleanability make our seating the choice of caregivers in clinical, exam, emergency, and other medical settings.

BioFit chairs and stools meet the comfort and performance needs of healthcare workers in these settings and more, including administrative areas to exam rooms. Plus, our chairs are designed to be easy to clean and use, making them ideal for busy medical and support staff.

If you work in a hospital, clinic, or lab, you know how much difference the seating can make. At a nurses’ station, where you get up and sit down dozens of times during the workday −and share your chair with counterparts on other shifts − you need a chair that’s easy to adjust and comfortable for any size person. In a lab, where you may spend extensive time in one position – that chair needs to be customizable to each tech’s comfort level and job specialty.

Comfortable, Functional Chairs and Stools for Most Healthcare Settings

BioFit seating is engineered for comfort and functionality − whether you’re a nurse, doctor, technician or administrator − we have proven designs for the type of work you do. With roots in the industry stretching back over 75 years, we’re a leading innovator in seating for specialized workspaces such as those found in healthcare facilities and relied on by caregivers, including those who sit at a desk for the majority of a shift or for only five minutes at a time before they’re up again, checking on a patient. Plus, nearly all BioFit seating products are backed by a 13-year warranty, helping your organization get the most from its budget.

Seating for Nurses’ Stations

The layout and flow of nurses’ workstations can vary widely, demanding a tailored design to fit the space. The seating specified may need to accommodate different body types, user positions and tasks, but some primary constants remain: to help enhance the wellbeing, comfort and productivity of the user. BioFit has ergonomically sound, highly adjustable and stylish seating solutions required for today’s nurses’ station configurations. Knowing nurses must frequently change positions and get up and down a multitude of times each 12-hour shift, we offer models with features such as roomy, comfortable seats, airy yet durable mesh backs with lumbar support, articulating task controls and an array of other components and options.

Exam Rooms Chairs

As a medical professional consulting with a patient in an exam room, the last thing you want is to worry about whether a seating you use offers the support and functionality to allow you to stay focused on the task at hand. BioFit chairs and stools come standard with features that some manufacturers only offer as costly upgrades, such as casters that resist movement when the chair is unoccupied to prevent it from inadvertently rolling away and stools with foot-activated controls to accommodate hands-free use.

Chairs for the X-Ray Technician

The X-ray technician has some specific needs for seating: your chair must be easy to move in, and around, the workspace. You need to be able to stretch, bend, reach and get up and down quickly and easily – from reviewing digital imaging to standing up to greet and position the next patient. BioFit chairs have a variety of seat pans, backrest sizes and base styles, as well as a wide range ergonomic functions, seat height ranges and options to accommodate the unique needs and physical characteristics of X-ray techs.

Chairs for Hospital and Clinic Admissions

As a hospital administrator or manager, chances are you spend a large portion of your day seated – either behind the desk or in a meeting. That’s why BioFit chairs include features such as seats with waterfall-fronts to help with circulation, height-adjustable backrests with lumbar support, easy-to-operate pneumatic controls to help keep you comfortable, working at the recommended seat height and performing at your best. We also offer many options, upholstery styles and models with head-turning aesthetics to complement the ergonomic experience and interior design trends, and aid in attracting and retaining top talent. A BioFit representative can help you tailor a seating solution for your organization’s specific needs.

Chairs and Stools for Research Laboratories

As a researcher, you know that your lab presents a special set of ergonomic challenges compared to other workspaces to help keep you comfortable and alert. Through extensive research of our own, BioFit understands that the taller working heights, repetitive motion and other task-related positions prevalent in research laboratories require chairs and stools with precisely engineered support and functionality, including easy-to-use adjustments and components designed for reliable, all-day comfort.

Seating Solutions for Clinical Labs

As a clinical laboratory professional, results of your testing impact the proper diagnoses and treatment protocol for patients on a daily basis. The reliability and accuracy of your equipment of cleanliness of your lab are critical. That’s why we’ve developed chairs and stools for professionals in biologically sensitive areas. All models are easy to clean and maintain. And, designs include those with functions geared toward critical tasks, such as control lockout for precision work, and forward seat tilt and backrest forward adjustments to provide support during microscopy and other forward-leaning operations.