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Taking a Stand for Green

July 30, 2021 | Blog

Environmental consideration: It's a touchstone for everything we do.

At BioFit, we constantly strive to reduce any negative environmental impact created by our facilities, fabrication processes, finished goods, and packing materials – from the elimination of harmful compounds used in furniture components to recycling break room beverage cans and used office paper.

Industry cred ....

On the certification front, our seating products are LEED® compliant for use in commercial interiors and our tables are GREENGUARD Gold certified for low emission of volatile organic compounds, also allowing specifiers to qualify for LEED program credits.

Recycling. Reusing. Recycling. Repeating.

As for materials and processes, here are some of the things we do daily to help keep our world and yours clean and green:

  • Employing the most environmentally friendly production processes available, including non-toxic powder coating of components vs. traditional painting to eliminate VOCs
  • Ensuring hazardous materials are not used in our manufacturing processes or final products
  • Positioning recycling stations throughout our facility for all cardboard, paper, aluminum and metal waste
  • Utilizing chrome plating processes compliant with the End-Of-Life-Vehicle Directive (ELV) and Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS). No cadmium, lead or mercury is used in our plating processes
  • Incorporating recycled materials into new products and processes
  • Offering customers the option of fully assembled blanket-wrapped product shipments to eliminate the use of cardboard packaging
  • Using only biodegradable equipment degreasers and hand-cleaning solutions
  • Eliminating VOCs by using water-soluble glues and lacquers only

Here's how you can help:

Depending on customer location and local capabilities, the following materials may be recycled by customers at the life-end of our products:

  • Steel contained in chair bases, back bars, seat controls, and frames of tables and multipurpose carts
  • Plastic in chair backrest panels
  • Cardboard used in product cartons
  • Aluminum from those chair models with aluminum chair bases appropriate for recycling
  • Plywood in the internal seat and back pans of upholstered models

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