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Steely Resolve: Learn why unupholstered steel stools are the right choice for specific situations

October 11, 2022 | Blog

Often times, even the most technical work areas, scientific applications or learning spaces call for a quick perch for workers or students instead of an extended seating solution. Or the environment in question dictates a model designed for confined areas or less-than-pristine conditions. It’s circumstances like these or when budget may not warrant the purchase of a higher end upholstered ergonomic chair that a more utilitarian steel stool may be the best option. This is why in addition to a full line of high-performance upholstered seating, BioFit also offers a wide selection of adjustable and stationary steel stools, including those in the series highlighted below:

1. Traxx Series: Highlighted by a robust 14-gauge steel seat, Traxx stools can handle the toughest industrial environments yet can be configured for cleanroom, ESD and combination clean room/ESD applications. Traxx stools feature fingertip-controlled height adjustment and are available in four different base styles and three seat height ranges for users in healthcare, laboratory, industrial, education and specialized work settings.

2. Ajax Series: An iconic workplace seating design featuring a 13-inch diameter, 14-gauge steel seat and tubular steel legs, a 0.75”diameter, 19-gauge steel tube footring and welded construction. A popular choice for school labs, Ajax stools are also ideal for industrial, healthcare and professional laboratory settings, and are available an ISO 4 clean room configuration. Come in 18”, 24” and 30” heights. 

3. TXG Series: This stool delivers tough performance for tight spaces. Highlighted by a 13-inch diameter, 14-gauge steel seat and a compact 4-legged, 18-gauge tubular steel base, TXG stools are designed for healthcare, educational, industrial and lab settings. They are also available in an optional chrome finish and ISO 4-rated cleanroom configuration for technical use.

All BioFit stools are LEED® compliant for use in commercial interiors and backed by our 13-year warranty, with pneumatic cylinders covered for the functional lifetime of the stool. Compare them here, or configure one to fit your exact needs with our chair builder.