Seat Height Adjustment Formula Demo

Seat Height Calculation Guide

December 13, 2022 | Blog

Here's how to calculate the seat-height you need to perform at your best.

BioFit manufactures models in a wide selection of seat-height adjustment ranges. This choice of adjustability options helps assure our chairs and stools fit the size and body type of individual workers as well as unique applications, delivering in-demand flexibility to accommodate users on different shifts or the same worker performing different tasks at different work levels.

The basic formula to calculate the ideal seat height directly corresponds to the real work level ‒ that is, the distance from the floor to the work surface height ‒ minus 12 inches. BioFit recommends using this figure as the mid-point of the seat-height-adjustment range of the chair purchased.

For example: a 40-inch work level ‒ the height as measured from the floor to the top of the work surface ‒ minus 12 inches = 28 inches ‒ the mid-point of chair or stool seat-height-adjustment range.

This formula applies to most workers. Note that BioFit ergonomic seating will properly fit 90% of workers without customization, while alterations can be made easily for the other 10%.

Download our Seat Height Calculation Guide as a quick reminder or to share with employees or coworkers or contact your BioFit rep for more information.