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Science, Safety and Seating: Helping Prevent Repetitive Motion Injuries in the Lab

January 25, 2023 | Blog

Regardless of primary discipline, today’s laboratories require ergonomic synergy between worker motion and the equipment utilized to meet production objectives – and that goes for the seating specified, too.

Lab tasks are frequently characterized by repetitive motions, often involving leaning forward for brief or extended periods. Thus, the chairs and stools used in these environments should include functionality and components to address these application-specific movements while providing necessary lumbar support, if applicable, to help keep workers performing at their best while helping prevent musculoskeletal and repetitive motion injuries (RMIs).

Just as a position in human resources isn’t interchangeable with that of clinical researcher, an office chair can’t be substituted for a model specifically engineered to address the working heights, user movement and other ergonomic needs unique to the laboratory. And equally important, chairs and stools used in pharmaceutical, biosafety and life science facilities must stand up to the unique rigors of those settings – including multishift use and cleaning and disinfection protocols. Plus, generous weight capacities and construction proven and warrantied for the long term are a must, providing specifiers with peace of mind and enabling them to get the most from their investment.

Check out our lab seating line here, and contact your BioFit rep today to learn more about how our ergonomic seating solutions can help prevent RMIs, potentially aiding in maintaining productivity levels and decreasing insurance claims.