BioFit ArmorSeat GGR-H-RC-T-AFP-XA-06-2DS

Repulse Microbes with ArmorSeat Chairs

September 30, 2020 | Blog

Whether your lab or technical workspace is in a BSL-4 facility or next to the cafeteria at your local high school, ArmorSeat chairs provide in-demand flexappeal and protection against potentially unhealthful microbes and UV lighting that can prematurely deteriorate competitive seating. 

  • Easy-to-clean seats and backs are molded of an exclusive polypropylene formulation with antimicrobial properties and UV inhibitors blended in to last the life of the chair, unlike topical applications which wear off over time. 
  • Unique easy-clean stipple finish of seat and back helps prevent buildup of debris and contaminants and keeps users from sliding while seated. 
  • Available in ISO 4 to ISO 8 cleanroom, static control and combination ISO/ESD configurations.
  • Ship within 2 days of order placement in limited quantities for those who need chairs fast via our 2DS QuickShip Program.
  • Built for 24/7 ergonomic performance and backed by a 13-year warranty.
Repulse the microbes in your workplace! Contact your BioFit rep to arrange for a workplace sample. Or create a model that suits your needs online and get an estimate using our chair builder application.