order of fully assembled seating prepared for blanket wrapping and shipping

Get Greener: Wake Up to Blanket-Wrapped Orders

July 27, 2022 | Blog

Sustainability comes in many different forms, from component reuse and recycling to renewable energy use and savvy packaging alternatives. That’s a big part of the reason our blanket-wrapped seating orders leave our customers (and us!) with a warm, snuggly feeling knowing we’re making a positive impact on our environment.

When placing a seating order, dealers should inquire whether their customers prefer conventional packaging or BioFit’s blanket-wrapped shipping option. In addition to providing the same degree of protection and eliminating cardboard from the equation, blanket-wrapped products also come fully assembled and ready for use, saving time and installation cost upon delivery, and even the fuel needed to transport empty cartons to be recycled.

Blanket-wrapping has long been a staple in our sustainability toolbox. Contact us today to learn more about what we do to help make our world and yours greener.