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Furnishing Harmony: Selecting the Right Components in Lab Seating

July 17, 2021 | Blog

The exacting nature of the laboratory environment demands undivided attention, period. Distractions can curb productivity as quickly as they can jeopardize safety and outcomes. So, when configuring these specialized workspaces, it’s always important to give special consideration to the furnishing components you choose, and keeping in mind the first step to getting down to work is sitting down to work.

That makes selecting the right seating a priority.  

Just as the typical dining room chair isn’t much of a stand-in for a desk chair in the office, a fabric-upholstered chair isn’t an option in the lab. If a user has to be concerned with spills, that will take attention away from critical tasks. If adjustability is limited, the impact on posture can pose real problems down the line, potentially leading to musculoskeletal injuries and more. Similarly, if a chair takes too much effort to clean, it simply has no place in today’s labs.

Laboratory seating should be just as comfortable to specify as it is to use.

The chairs and stools BioFit manufactures are specifically developed to be better on paper, so they perform better in practice. Engineered to clean, sanitize and disinfect easily, components are designed to minimize or eliminate gaps that can lead to contamination or infiltration from loose particles or debris. Our vacuum-formed-upholstered products help resist fluids and bacteria from passing through to the seat cushioning below.

The same resilience holds true for non-upholstered options, such as those in our ArmorSeat™ polypropylene line. Highlighted by a proprietary polymer blend, featuring antimicrobial properties and UV inhibitors, these chairs are constructed to stand as tall under the glare of intense lab lighting as they do under the hand of frequent cleaning.

Even better, BioFit seating is available with easy-to-clean tubular steel and T-profile aluminum bases. And metal parts finished in durable black powder coat or chrome.

Ergonomics in balance.  BioFit laboratory seating is also made to meet the moment. Five-star bases for stability in everchanging conditions come standard, as do a wide variety of control functions, including height, tilt, seat and backrest adjustments, as well as chairs with or without arms and optional footrings. Lumbar support, waterfall seat fronts, and other ergonomic features all factor into the equation.

Learn more about our laboratory solutions, including why all products are warranted against mechanical or structural failure due to defective materials or workmanship for 13 years of normal use, LEED-compliance and how we comply with industry product safety and performance standards.