FS-3 ergonomic footrest shown with rocker platform detached from base black metal finish

FS-3 Dual Application Ergonomic Footrest Launch

May 31, 2022 | Blog

With our focus on continuous improvement, BioFit is proud to launch the next generation footrest ‒ the FS-3. Research shows, when sitting for long periods of time, raising your heel up and down, or fidgeting, can be beneficial to your health as it encourages blood flow.

For those on the shorter side, letting their feet dangle restricts blood flow and can lead to deep vein thrombosis, muscle atrophy, varicose veins, or swelling. Taller individuals can experience similar issues if their feet stay flat for long periods of time. Our latest footrest was designed with fidgeting in mind to encourage blood flow.

When the platform is attached to the frame with a 12.5-degree angle, the FS-3 footrest is height-adjustable in one-inch increments between five and eleven inches. The adjustability and angle help ensure proper ergonomics, giving users a platform to fidget no matter their height. When removed from the base frame, the platform’s curved edge provides a rocking feature that increases the ergonomic benefits, while its neoprene edging protects the floor as you rock. With diamond-plated 14-gauge steel, the FS-3 will hold up to multishift use for years to come and is backed by BioFit’s 13-year warranty.

Providing an ergonomic footrest may get overlooked, but the benefits are even greater for those dealing with health issues in their lower limbs and hips. Giving them a footrest such as the FS-3 can help reduce stress on the hips, knees, and ankles. And for those who have had medical procedures on their lower limbs, an ergonomic footrest can aid in the recovery process by allowing them to maintain a normal, healthy foot position and blood flow.

At BioFit, details and usability are at the forefront of our designs. The FS-3 footrest is another example of how BioFit uses intentionality in each detail and how those details add up to create health and usability benefits. We care about details, because we care about people.

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