Red MVMT Pro Cleanroom Lab

Form v. Function: Why you shouldn't have to choose between style and performance

August 28, 2022 | Blog

Purpose aside, with today’s tight labor market, practical yet utilitarian-looking seating in an otherwise scientifically or technologically advanced work environment could be just the thing to turn off a talented prospect on a site tour. While ergonomic seating designed for today’s high-tech, laboratory and healthcare markets are in fact precision-engineered for unique tasks and environments, BioFit realized that in addition to walking-the-performance-walk, to attract and retain the best and brightest, seating designs also needed to bring the sizzle.

And that’s a big part of the direction we took in the development of our award-winning MVMT® line.

Through in-depth real-word worker interviews, we addressed user range-of-motion functionality for the way today’s science and tech professionals work and move, including the introduction of the industry’s first weight-activated synchronized tilt control, to deliver the comfort and adjustability to help enhance their well-being and promote productivity. While honing the mechanics, we meticulously crafted the profile of the components, resulting in an alluring aesthetic designed to complement interior design trends, and ultimately, corporate image and culture.

Seating plays a vital role in success of any given business or organization, from the way it works to the way it looks in the workplace. So while business-casual may be the preferred attire under the lab coats and cleanroom garb, we take the aesthetics of our products as seriously as the engineering behind their functionality to help customers present the best image possible while helping promote the comfort, well-being and productivity of our end-users.

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