Seating Choices

Form, function, price, or all of the above?

September 17, 2021 | Blog

Which aspects are most important when selecting a chair for your workspace?

Talk to any worker who has a say in the matter, and they’ll each likely have a different key consideration or reason for selecting the chair they use. While many realize a comfortable and highly functional ergonomic chair can positively affect their well-being and help keep them performing at their best, others are attracted by style and aesthetic. And many others still are swayed by price ‒ often opting for the cheapest and most readily available model they can find, even though it may not be designed for the task at hand, work environment or even the physical characteristics of the user themself.

Savvy specifiers know that purveyors of quality seating like BioFit gladly provide no-charge consultation to help determine need, proper fit, product requirements and budget. If you’re on the market for chairs or stools for your business, it also pays in the long run to contact manufacturers and find out if they will provide different sample chair models for you to try and compare over a period of time, and if they have a local dealer to provide sales and service support, if necessary. While an inexpensive office chair from the local big box retailer may seem appealing and convenient, it frequently isn’t the best long-term, or in worst-case scenarios, short-term solution from performance and budget standpoints.

As designers and fabricators of seating for a variety of verticals, chances are we have a chair that’s right for you. And in addition to offering free consultation and boasting an extensive network of over 500 dealers, we have an on-site try-before-you-buy sample program so customers and prospects can sit-test chairs they are considering. Plus, many of our most popular models are available in our quick-ship program, meaning they ship with 1 to 2 business days of order receipt.

Contact the BioFit sales manager or rep in your area to learn more about choosing your next work chair.