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Hot Workspaces Affect Employee Well-being, Morale, Productivity and More

May 16, 2024 | Blog

Of all the major work-associated ergonomic risks ‒ repetitive motion, awkward and stationary working positions, direct pressure, work stress, vibration, and temperature ‒ the latter may be the most ignored when it comes to addressing worker well-being, productivity and work quality.

Even in a world where climate-controlled work environments are overwhelmingly prevalent, countless industrial facilities with inadequate cooling capabilities exist. As we enter the summer months here in the northern hemisphere, workers who labor in facilities without proper air conditioning are beginning to literally feel the heat, while those in similar spaces in tropical climates toil through hot and frequently humid conditions year-round. Lack of precautions to keep employees cool leads to fatigue, which can result in accidents and injuries, as well as decreased worker attentiveness, productivity and quality.

It’s in the best interest of employers to take action to eliminate temperature-related ergonomic risk. Some of the main reasons include:

1. Bottom-line Savings

  • Increased worker productivity
  • Higher quality output
  • Reduced insurance and workers’ comp claims
  • Fewer penalties due to OSHA or industry oversight noncompliance

2. A Cool Environment = Happier Employees

  • Less chance for heat stress and safety mishaps
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Increased focus, engagement and job satisfaction
  • Attention to ergonomics lets your team members know you care about their well-being

3. Corporate Reputation

  • Who wants to work for or do business with a sweatshop?

4. Addressing temperature extremes in the workplace is just the right thing to do.

Long renowned for our ergonomic expertise when it comes to workplace seating, we recently introduced our Embark Series of mesh-back chairs to address high-temperature work areas. Specially designed to promote airflow ‒ and workflow ‒ in manufacturing and other industrial environments, Embark chairs are quickly becoming a popular choice in educational and healthcare settings as well, helping enhance health and safety by positioning students and professionals in these markets for success. In addition to their flexible, lumbar-supporting mesh backs, Embark seating features the adjustability, functionality, and craftsmanship synonymous with ergonomic solutions from BioFit Engineered Products.

Let us help with overcoming your ergonomic challenges, and discover how you can test-drive chairs from our Embark Series in your workplace.