About BioFit Seating Surfaces

March 23, 2020 | Blog

BioFit seating products feature a range of easy-to-clean, chemical-resistant surfaces that stand up to years of use and frequent cleaning and disinfection.

Grade 2 Vinyl

Available on MVMT® Ergonomic Seating, as well as the popular Elite, Belize, Bridgeport and Eton series, which are available as part of our Quick Ship program, our vinyl seat covering is approved for use with a wide-range of EPA certified cleaners and disinfectants.


ArmorSeat models feature extremely durable, non-porous polyproplene seat and backs that include UV inhibitors and antimicrobial properties that can be easily cleaned and disinfected with EPA certified products.


UniqueU models feature comfortable yet durable urethane seats and backs. They resist water, chemicals, paints, and more. Designed to meet clean room and ESD demands and functional design requirements, all UniqueU products may be cleaned and disinfected with EPA certified products.