Better Airflow = Better Workflow

February 24, 2023 | Blog

Hot. Steamy. Muggy. Humid. Sweaty. Yuck. Our world revolves around a factory, too, so we know how tough it can be working under those conditions. Since we can’t change the location of the one you or your customers work in, or even help lower the thermostat when the boss isn’t looking, we did the next best thing: we designed a cool new mesh chair back exclusively for industrial use!

Based on research confirming that hot workspaces directly correspond to decreased productivity and feedback from end-use customers, we recognized a vital need for a chair back that would increase air circulation and worker comfort in the high temperatures frequently found in industrial settings ‒ particularly in subtropical climates. 

Our new breathable “B” back features airy yet rugged woven mesh and a compact profile to provide flexibility and enhanced range-of-motion.  And it’s designed to keep workers cool and comfortable, even in the most stifling settings. It consists of a molded black recycled reinforced nylon frame supporting breathable, black nylon-polyester mesh weave and is built to help keep optimize productivity while withstanding years of multishift, industrial use. Plus, it is available on and can be retrofit to many of our most popular Foundation Line seating series,  accommodating workers of varying physical sizes and specific facility requirements.

To learn more check out the Meshback product page or Contact us today