Vacuum Formed FCW, RTW and RXW

Because Cleanability Counts: Vacuum Formed Seating

February 21, 2021 | Blog

BioFit offers a full line of easy-to-clean, ergonomic vacuum formed seating products designed to help maintain sanitary conditions by protecting against bacteria in healthcare and laboratory settings. Vacuum forming is a process which eliminates the seams found in traditional upholstered seating. The process seals a single piece of vinyl upholstery around the cushioning in each seat and backrest, as opposed to traditional upholstered seating where pieces of upholstery are sewn together and applied to seat and back internal support panels with staples.

Vacuum formed designs are available in multiple BioFit chair series with models highlighted by various seat and backrest sizes, and stool series including models with backrests and fingertip and foot-activated height-adjustment controls.

The benefits of the vacuum formed process to healthcare users are many: First, eliminating seams also eliminates the primary path for bacterial infiltration into the furniture and prevents spilled liquids from seeping through to the cushioning beneath the vinyl upholstery; the vacuum formed process significantly increases user comfort and support by minimizing the amount of compression on the seat and backrest foam during the manufacturing process; and, vacuum forming also results in fuller lines, giving chairs and stools an aesthetically pleasing contoured profile. Additionally, this natural, unencumbered expansion of the foam cushioning helps the chairs remain more comfortable after long-term use.

Like many of our markets, the healthcare industry has a very wide array of specialized workspaces. In addition to innovations such as our bleachable fabric upholstery selections and ArmorSeat anti-microbial seating line, vacuum formed seating allows us to deliver another solution to support the mission and wellbeing of caregivers, whether they’re assigned to the ICU, patient admin, nurses stations, the ER or beyond. And, vacuum formed models are available in ISO 3 to ISO 8 cleanroom configurations.

Get more details and specifications on BioFit vacuum formed seating here. Or, confer with a rep today and arrange for on-site product samples.