Foundation Line Seating Series Simplification

April 29, 2024 | Blog

The recent simplification of our Foundation Seating Line means you will no longer find our former Belize, Eton,and Avenue Series cataloged on our website or in print. But fear not, they have simply been absorbed by our Bridgeport (small back),  Elite (medium back), and Amherst (large back) upholstered seating series, meaning the same configurations you may have been familiar with are still available under a different series name.

Specifically, the medium “E” seat, small “T” back  Eton is part of the Bridgeport (small “B” seat, small “T” back) Series, and can be quoted or ordered simply by replacing the “B” seat designation with an “E” at the beginning of the model manufacturing code. We also offer Bridgeport model with a large “A” seat.

Likewise, the Avenue (large “A” seat, medium “E” back) and Belize Series (small “B” seat, medium “E” back) are now part of our Elite Series (medium “E” seat, medium “E” back), and can be ordered by replacing the “E” seat designation at the beginning of the manufacturing code with an “A” or “B,” respectively.

And our large “A” seat, large “M” back Amherst Series can be ordered with an optional small “B” or medium “E” seat. In all, the modularity of the Amherst and our other seating series adds up to providing users with even more alternatives to accommodate unique physical characteristics, tasks or applications.

To recap:

AT/BT/ET = Bridgeport Series with small 14.5” wide X 9.5” high back

AE/BE/EE = Elite Series with medium 15.5” wide X 14.5” high back

AM/BM/EM = Amherst Series with large 18.5” wide X 19” high back

Want to learn more? Check out our Ergonomic Seating Component Identification & Manufacturing Code Protocol Guide