Healthcare Case Study

January 07, 2019 | Case Studies

Our Customer

A leading global medical technology company offers innovative products and services for orthopedic, medical and surgical applications. The firm’s Michigan operation houses workstations for the assembly of small handheld medical instruments. Technicians sit at benches creating products that enhance patient care. The company places a high value on its employees and their health and safety.

The Challenge

The firm needed to replace older (15+ years) BioFit task chairs that, while still functional, were considered small by current standards. Ergonomics was an important consideration to help the technicians maintain ideal postures and reduce the potential for repetitive motion injuries while aiding performance in the accomplishment of particular tasks. According to a study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, repetitive motion, such as grasping tools, result in the longest absences from work - 23 days.

The Advantages

1 — Three BioFit seating solutions were offered as replacement options: BioFit MVMT Pro Series, BioFit MVMT Tech Series and the BioFit Elite Series.

2 — Over 80 employees who would be using the chairs evaluated the choices.

3 — The chosen BioFit MVMT Tech Series chair offered an ideal combination of ergonomic design, easily operated controls, task-specific range of motion and 24/7/365-day use.

Other considerations in the seating choice included the easy cleanability and the use of MVMT resistance glides to increase safety. BioFit installed over 175 MVMT Tech Series chairs to meet the customer’s requirements.

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