For clean room and ESD seating only, except in zip codes 324-325: 

Electronic Assembly Products, Ltd.
Florida East: Eileen Hibbler
12820 Dupont Circle
Tampa, FL 33626
Phone: 813-335-7455 

Florida West: Mark Hendron
16207 Carnoustie Drive
Odessa, FL 33556
Mobile: 813-785-0474 

For all seating, tables, carts and accessory products in zip codes 324-325:

Midsouth Associates, Inc.
Al Worley
3069 McCall Dr., Suite 2
Atlanta, GA 30340
Phone: 770-986-9988 (O) 800-542-9988 (T); 404-217-1275 (C)

For all none clean room and ESD seating, as well as tables, carts and accessory products, except in zip codes 324-325: 

BioFit Engineered Products
Daryl Hensley
Phone: 800-597-0246
Cell: 812-582-9147