Seating Ergonomics

Ergonomics is the science of designing and arranging things to help ensure the safe and efficient interaction between the things and the people who use them. At BioFit Engineered Products, this means designing seating that helps protect users from musculo-skeletal disorders and repetitive motion injuries while aiding their performance in the accomplishment of particular tasks.

The first things we look at when designing seating for any specific purpose is the layout of the workspace where the chair will be used, the tasks to be performed by the user and how the chair will be expected to function in that context. Of the five key risk factors in ergonomic injuries, it’s important to remember that the chair offers control over posture only. Excessive repetitive movements, use of manual force, exposure to extremes in temperature and contact with vibration all have unique consequences. Yet, an ergonomically correct chair can give users an advantage by putting them in healthier working positions.

While there is no single correct posture for continual sitting, changing posture frequently in a fully adjustable ergonomic chair remains the most important factor in alleviating sitting problems. Additionally, ergonomic seating can also help maintain attentiveness in staff, increasing performance. That’s why it’s important to know the difference between true “ergonomic” seating and products merely labeled as such. Ergonomic seating produced by BioFit includes proven components and options such as:

  • a five-legged pedestal base
  • fully adjustable and cushioned armrests
  • a seat that allows for even weight distribution
  • lumbar support
  • easy-to-use height adjustment*

*Use the handy seat height calculator below to find out the optimal seat height** for your specific workspace or task.

** Based on established ergonomics research. Optimal seat height may vary depending on physical characteristics of user or situation.

There is simply no substitute for a durable, ergonomically correct chair. BioFit chairs are scientifically designed and independently tested to meet the most demanding standards for use in a variety of environments. For additional information on how BioFit addresses ergonomics considerations as they apply to your unique situation, click on the link below which best matches your workspace:

Healthcare & Medical

If you’re interested in more background on ergonomics in general, click here to download a useful PDF containing information and links to scientific, government and ergonomic organization sites.