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July 25, 2008

BioFit Engineered Products, an Ohio-based manufacturer and worldwide leader of ergonomic seating solutions, announced that its recently introduced ArmorSeat line of chairs has achieved certification under California Technical Bulletin 133 (CAL 133) full-scale fire testing. Several states and many European nations have adopted standards based on CAL 133 for occupancies of public buildings including offices, schools and universities, medical facilities and more.

ArmorSeat is a new line of durable, multipurpose ergonomic chairs from BioFit which feature anti-microbial and UV-inhibiting properties. Available in different colors and configurations, the black model was used and certified during the CAL 133 testing.

CAL 133 is a full-scale fire test for furniture manufactured for use in certain public buildings. Testing measures the amount and the rate of heat produced, smoke opacity, carbon monoxide generation, and temperature reached within the test room, as well as the weight loss of the tested product.

For more details on the ArmorSeat line of chairs from BioFit, visit or call Liz Sworden at 1-800-597-0246. Located in Bowling Green, Ohio, BioFit Engineered Products is an industry-leading manufacturer of ergonomic chairs, carts, cafeteria seating and mobile tables for healthcare, bio- and high-tech, educational, office, industrial, hospitality, and custom environments.

March 01, 2008

BioFit Engineered Products, an Ohio-based manufacturer and long-standing leader in the development of ergonomic seating solutions, has announced plans to launch a dramatic redesign of its products. Leading the way is the company’s new ArmorSeat line of chairs. Created in the same vein as the classic DuraGrain chairs they are intended to replace, these offerings carry on the same ergonomic tradition as the original, only with greater style, design and durability advantages that give them broader appeal.

“The roots of the DuraGrain chair date back to the 1960s, when the focus was almost exclusive to educational institutions,” reported Ed Metzger, president of BioFit. “Over time, people have changed as have our needs to manufacture seating that works in as many markets as possible.

“Part of that is adapting our products to fit larger body types and part of it is meeting the demand for more attractive looking chairs. In the new ArmorSeat product line, we believe that we’re well on the way to satisfying both aspects of the equation. It’s a strategy we’re looking to apply to all our ergonomic seating products across the board,” Metzger said.

ArmorSeat chairs include fully contoured lines, a waterfall front seat set at an incline of six degrees to resist slipping when seated, and innovative design elements that are not only eye-pleasing but functional in terms of ventilation and movement. In addition, the chairs are made of polypropylene – a material that uses less plastic, oil and other potentially environmentally harmful substances than the injected-molded DuraGrain product. Even better, the chairs feature a “no-wax stipple” finish that ensures greater resistance to dirt and bacteria, making for easier cleaning on the whole.

Metzger stated that the company was proud of the fact that it had been able to develop a new seating line that competes with some of the bigger names on style. In his estimation, ArmorSeat products represent a move to a higher-end design reflective of today’s marketplace.

“BioFit is moving toward manufacturing products that architects can look at when designing everything from lab rooms in schools and assembly areas in industrial shops to clean rooms, patient treatment rooms and beyond,” Metzger forecast. “The ArmorSeat line is truly a multipurpose platform for ergonomically correct seating in all these settings.”


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