BioFit Innovation Provides Unique Webpage for Every MVMT Seating Line Unit

BioFit Engineered Products, a globally recognized manufacturer of award-winning ergonomic seating and table solutions, recently introduced a proprietary innovation that delivers a unit-specific webpage to purchasers of each individual chair from the company’s newest seating line, the MVMT. Called “The MVMT Profile QR Code System,” this patent-pending technology is the first of its kind in the commercial furniture industry and provides customers with handheld, digital access to user information and other tools, eliminating the need to maintain printed instructions and forms as well as various website URLs.

With the MVMT Profile QR Code System, information specific to each individual unit is available by scanning the QR code on the label located on the under-seat control of every MVMT series chair. The system was developed to quickly and easily familiarize end users with their new chair and serve as a handy reference resource. The code directs to a webpage containing precise profile details including a picture of the unit, its manufacturing code, date of manufacture and time remaining on its original 13-year warranty. Each unit’s webpage also features a series of short, user-friendly operational and assembly videos, eliminating the need to retain and pass on printed instructions to shared or subsequent users of the chair. Users can also configure, get an estimate and order additional MVMT models from the profile page, and file a warranty claim should the need arise.

BioFit President Ed Metzger explained: “When developing the MVMT line, we wanted the entire user experience to be on the technological forefront. This not only included the form and functionality of the chair itself, but things like providing a user with the ability to configure and order a new chair and know how much time was left on their warranty – right from a single webpage on their smart phone. We realize people are so busy and no one has the time to track down a form or find an instruction sheet to pass on to a coworker. With the MVMT Profile QR Code System, the customer doesn’t even have to type a URL into the address bar.”

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