BioFit Promotes Increased Use of Ergonomic Seating

BioFit Engineered Products, a leader in furnishing solutions for workplaces worldwide, is dedicated to the idea that worker safety and productivity can be improved significantly through the use of ergonomics. In 2013, they are encouraging industrial workplaces and businesses everywhere to make a resolution to incorporate ergonomics in order to help create a work environment with fewer injuries and greater performance.

All BioFit products are designed with ergonomics in mind, including our full line of seating solutions.

By offering full adjustability, a seat that allows for even weight distribution, lumbar support and a five-legged pedestal base, BioFit chairs and stools help protect workers from the musculoskeletal disorders and repetitive motion injuries that can occur when workers are unable to change their position for long periods of time.

Studies also show that the right ergonomics can increase worker productivity. When people have the freedom to move naturally over the course of a work day, they are better equipped to remain attentive, and that has been proven to enhance performance among workers as their workdays extend to eight hours and beyond.

To that end, BioFit offers a complete line of seating solutions that are specifically engineered to meet the demands of various industrial settings. Many seating options are built from rugged polypropylene that can withstand the rigors of the workday, while others are self-skinned with durable urethane that resists water, chemicals, inks and paints. A variety of backrests and upholsteries are also available to suit the specifics of individual workspaces. And all BioFit industrial seating is engineered to last and is backed by a 13-year warranty. BioFit also works with specifiers to create custom furnishings when needed. For more information, visit, or call 800.597.0246.