BioFit Launches uFit to Address Physical Challenges of Individuals, Workspaces

BioFit Engineered Products, an Ohio-based manufacturer and leader in the development of ergonomic solutions, proudly announces the launch of a new department to fabricate custom seating and tables for rehabilitating workers and non-traditional workspaces. With the establishment of its uFit department, BioFit can now outfit workers undergoing therapy with one-of-a-kind chairs, stools and mobile folding tables to accommodate their specific injury or disability, aiding with workplace re-acclimation and the accomplishment of job-related tasks. In addition to encompassing all core marketplaces which BioFit currently serves, company officials confirm the new uFit department is capable of producing one-off seating and tables for an extensive variety of workspaces, including those with unusual space limitations.

“BioFit literally manufactures thousands of combinations of ergonomic seating products and a comprehensive line of tables for healthy workers worldwide using standard and readily available components. With the engineering know-how, skilled workforce and proper equipment already in place, it was not a great leap for us to offer custom-made seating and tables for the occupational therapy market and work areas with unique dimensions or space limitations,” explained Ed Metzger, president of BioFit. He continued: “We have always prided ourselves in delivering products to aid in worker comfort and performance. With the establishment of uFit, there’s a true feeling of satisfaction company-wide as we begin using our ergonomic and manufacturing expertise to produce the same caliber of seating and tables for those workers recovering from physical injury by making in-house modifications to parts such as steel tubing, formed plywood seat and backrest supports, and upholstery. I firmly believe there is no better way to use our resources than to help those who can likely benefit the most by building products not only for specific tasks and spaces, but for the individual, physical capabilities of recovering workers striving to get back on the job – and helping to ensure their success once they do.”

Practitioners, employers, insurance companies, government agencies or therapy patients themselves can coordinate directly with a BioFit customer service representative who is dedicated solely to the uFit department regarding the distinct needs of the end user, workspace requirements and seating or table specifications. Upon design approval, BioFit will communicate production and delivery timing.