BioFit Geared for Success in the Face of Tumultuous Economy

New Strategy, Products Position Company to Thrive in Uncertain Financial Climate

Howling winter winds and the snow-covered stubble fields surrounding the BioFit Engineered Products plant belay the bustling activity within – serving as an analogy of how the ergonomic seating and table producer is bracing to keep the upper hand against today’s bleak economy. While many businesses are sharply curtailing production in the traditional industrial stronghold of northwest Ohio, BioFit is continuing a six-decade history of making durable, specialized seating and tables at its rural manufacturing facility outside Bowling Green. While the company has made some minor staff reductions, in-house benchmarks indicate it will come through this economic storm stronger than ever, thanks to a focused strategy and several new product lines.

Over the past year, BioFit, a worldwide leader in the development of ergonomic seating solutions, instituted a new strategy that focuses on improved communication, accountability and internal processes in order to meet current and long-range goals. The company also rolled out four new products during that time as a supporting tactic of creating seating with value-added characteristics for both highly specified and multipurpose use, ultimately helping customers get the most from increasingly tight budgets. According to BioFit Director of Marketing Liz Sworden, “a major part of our new strategy is allowing us to place a renewed emphasis on our traditional core competencies of innovation and impeccable customer service. Though BioFit in its current form was established in the early ‘90s, our foundation was formed on over 60 years of continuous ergonomic research, testing and design of seating products for such unique settings as semiconductor processing clean rooms, pharmaceutical laboratories, automotive assembly lines and continuous operations centers. We have made it through many economic peaks and valleys in that time, and we are prepared to see our way through today’s crisis as well.”

In detailing how BioFit’s business strategy led to production of new designs at a time when many manufacturers are scaling back, Sworden explained: “A huge advantage to implementing the plan, which was developed with the assistance and counseling of Six Disciplines of Findlay, Ohio, was that it enabled us to re-prioritize day-to-day tasks and focus more on what we do best. The result was four new chair series rollouts including a product called ArmorSeat – primarily developed for the biotechnology and R&D laboratory markets. One of the features that make this chair so special is that its injected-molded seat and backrest are impregnated with antimicrobial properties, inherently helping to prevent bacterial growth. This is the kind of added benefit cost-conscious facilities planners and decision makers are looking for.” Other recent product launches include seamless upholstery seating designed for the health care market, the Intensive Plus series for use in 24/7 operations, and a colorful polyshell multipurpose seating series to meet demand in the education marketplace.

In addition to new designs, Sworden discussed how all BioFit seating and tables carry a 13-year warranty – one of the best in the industry. She also detailed the company’s commitment to the welfare of end users and the environment, evidenced by BioFit voluntarily submitting its table for third-party independent testing late last year and subsequently earning GreenGuard Environmental Institute Indoor Air Quality and “Children and Schools” program certifications for low emission of volatile organic compounds.” She concluded, “We firmly believe we have the best, most engaged people on our team and build some of the highest quality chairs and tables available, and we’re not afraid to back it up. We have 60 successful years of history and are making all the moves necessary to ensure a bright future not only for ourselves but for our 
customers. We may have taken a few lumps, but building rugged chairs isn’t for the feint of heart – we’re not going anywhere.”