BioFit Awarded New York State Contract for Seating and Tables

BioFit Engineered Products, an Ohio-based manufacturer and leader in the development of ergonomic seating solutions, has been awarded a furniture contract by the State of New York, making products from its seating, table, booktruck and accessory lines eligible for use in State-funded projects. Effective immediately, the contract runs through October, 2012.

BioFit was recently notified its ergonomic seating, tables, booktrucks and footrests manufactured for use in office, school, library, training, conference and cafeteria settings meet criteria established under the New York State Office of General Services (OGS) contract number PC64013. The contract is titled “New York State, Group Number 20915 Furniture All Types (except Hospital Room & Patient Handling) Classification Code 56, Award Number 20551-ES Supplemental.” Each vendor receives a unique contract number; number PC64013 was assigned to BioFit. Specific BioFit products falling under the auspices of the contract include, but are not limited to, its full line of executive and office task chairs – including sewn-seam models – and its 10-seat oval table.

The New York State OGS provides a broad range of support that facilitates the operations of State and local governments, public authorities, and public and private agencies, including property management, design and construction, and procurement. To view the full New York State OGS furniture contract award notification,

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